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  1991(?): Codename: Weasleshark
a 4-track independent release.
Havah Negilah > Long Island Girls Rule, Messina, moe. Wrap City, Elvis, Funky Reuben, Don't Fuck With Flo, Psycho Pimp (?)
  1991(?): Spine Of A Dog
a 4-track independent cassette release.
Messina, That Country Tune, Havah Negilah, Long Island Girls Rule, I Don't Know, Funky Reuben, Sensory Deprivation Bank, moe. Rap City, Don't Fuck With Flo, Nutri-Sweet Magnolia, Y.O.Y.
1991(?): Real Live, Nearly Free
an independent cassette release.
Primarily live tracks from Nietzches and the Essex St. Pub.
Also some studio work from Soudscape Studios.
Nietzsche's: Talk to me about Elvis, Johnny Line Up, Suck the Head, The Rebel Song, Funky Reuben, Fire
Soundscape Studios: Messina, That Country Tune, moe. Rap City, Don't Fuck With Flo, I Don't Know
Essex St. Pub: Stir it Up > Police on my Back. Long Island Girls Rule, Y.O.Y., Yodelittle, That Coffe Tune
1992: Fatboy
an independent cassette released.
1,000 copies were released.

Y.O.Y., Havah Negilah > Long Island Girls Rule, Dr. Graffenburg, Don't Fuck With Flo, Yodelittle, Spine Of A Dog, Sensory Deprivation Bank, The Battle Of Benny Hill

October 1994: Headseed
(FATBOY MUSIC) is released.

Akimbo, Mexico, Timmy Tucker, St. Augustine, Recreational Chemistry, Time Again, Yodelittle, Brent Black, Threw It All Away, Time Ed

February 1996: Loaf
(FATBOY MUSIC), is released
Recorded live at the Wetlands November 24-25 1995.
2,000 copies were released.
Moth, Rebubula, Al's Ticket Spiel, 32 Things, Buster, Newt Slander, Meat, Seat Of My Pants
September 6, 1996: meat.
(550 Music) is released.
A 45:09 single.
10,000 copies were released.
October 15,1996: No Doy
(550 Music) is released.
She Sends Me, 32 Things, St. Augustine, Bring You Down, Rebubula, Spine Of A Dog, Moth, Buster, Four
May 1997: She Sends Me
(550 Music) is released.
promotional release for radio stations to support moe. on the 1997 Furthur Festival tour.
The single contained no new material.
10,000 copies were released.

She Sends Me
The "flip side" of the single is the meat. single.

September(?) 1998: Stranger Than Fiction
(550 Music) is released.
Promotional release for radio stations to support Tin Cans & Car Tires.
Stranger Than Fiction
September 8, 1998: Tin Cans & Car Tires
(550 Music) is released.
Stranger Than Fiction, Spaz Medicine, Nebraska, Head, Hi and Lo, Plane Crash, Letter Home, Big World, Again and Again, It, Happy Hour Hero, Queen Of The Rodeo
September 1998: moe. Sells Out
(550 Music) is released.
Promotional release recorded live at the Vic Theater 7/17/98.
Stranger Than Fiction, Nebraska, Letter Home
September 21, 1999: Fatboy is re-released.
Y.O.Y., Havah Negilah > Long Island Girls Rule, Dr. Graffenburg, Don't Fuck With Flo, Yodelittle, Spine Of A Dog, Sensory Deprivation Bank, The Battle Of Benny Hill
April 2000: L
(Fatboy Records) is released.

Disc 1: Spine of a Dog (recorded live: 11/19/99), Buster (11/19/99), Can't Seem to Find (11/27/99), Seat of My Pants (11/26/99), Yodelittle (11/12/99), Plane Crash (10/9/99)

Disc 2: Akimbo (11/27/99), Captain America (11/20/99), meat. (11/27/99), St. Augustine (11/26/99), Timmy Tucker (10/8/99), Recreational Chemistry (10/8/99)

April 2000: L Version 3.1
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Available only through moe.org or at shows.
Moth, Hi & Lo, Brent Black
All songs recorded live: 11/26/99
2000: New York City
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Promotional release for radio stations to support Dither.
New York City
Feb. 6, 2001: Dither
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Captain America, Faker, Understand, The Ghost of Ralph's Mom, So Long, New York City, Can't Seem to Find, Water, Tambourine, In a Big Country, Rise, Opium
2001: Tambourine
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Promotional release for radio stations to support Dither
Nov. 6, 2001: Warts and All: Volume 1
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Live show from: 2/28/01

Disc 1: Head, The Ghost of Ralph's Mom, Nebraska, Crab Eyes

Disc 2: Moth, Timmy Tucker, Happy Hour Hero, Seat of My Pants,

Disc 3: Tambourine, Waiting for the Punchline, Kyles Song, Meat, Moth Reprise, I Wanna Be Sedated

Sept. 10, 2002: Warts and All: Volume 2
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Live show from: 2/23/02

Disc 1: Intro, Okayalright, She Sends Me, Spaz Medicine, Understand, Letter Home, Timmy Tucker - Kids Jam

Disc 2: Kids, Mexico, Happy Hour Hero, Seat Of My Pants, Sensory Deprivation Bank

Disc 3: Four, Rebubula, Banter, Fire

Oct. 31, 2002: Season's Greetings from moe.
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Carol of the Bells, Together at Christmas, Blue Christmas, We're a Couple of Misfits, Oh Hanukah, Home, Silent Night/Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire, Linus and Lucy, Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells
Feb. 2003: Wormwood
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Not Coming Down, Wormwood, Okayalright, Rumble Strip, Gone, Organs, Crab Eyes, Bullet, Kyle's Song, Bend Sinister, Kids, Kidstoys, Shoot First, Edison Laugh Record
Aug. 2003: Warts and All: Volume 3
(Fatboy Records) is released
Live show from: 11/13/98

Disc 1: 32 Things, Nebraska, Timmy Tucker, Californ IA, Moth

Disc 2: Intro, Plane Crash, Threw It All Away, Hi and Lo, Head, Buster, Jam, Sensory Deprivation Bank

Disc 3: Big World, Banter, Tambourine, I Know You Rider BONUS TRACKS: Dr. Graffenburg,
Four, Rebubula

Fall 2003: Instant Live: The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC: 10/3/03

Released 11/18/03

Disc 1: Rebubula, Not Coming Down, Wormwood, She Sends Me, hi&lo, head.

Disc 2: Moth, Bullet, Brent Black

Disc 3: Tambourine, Recreational Chemistry, The Harder They Come

Fall 2003: Instant Live: Cain's Ballroom, Tulas OK: 10/10/03

Released 11/18/03

Disc 1: Spine of a Dog, Buster, Again & Again, Tambourine, Bullet, Kyle's Song

Disc 2: Mexico, Opium, lylelovitt, Nebraska

Disc 3: Understand, hi&lo, Moth, Godzilla

Fall 2003: Instant Live: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL: 11/1/03

Released 12/16/03

Disc 1: Bring It Back Home, Bullet, Head, Captain America, Kyle's Song, Kids (pt. 1)

Disc 2: Kids (pt. 2), okayalright, Gone, Crab Eyes, Mexico

Disc 3: So Long, Plane Crash, Nebraska

Fall 2003: Instant Live: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA: 11/7/03

Released 12/16/03


Disc 1: okayalright, Gone, Nebraska, McBain, hi&lo, head

Disc 2: Bring It Back Home, Bullet, Kyle's Song, Time Again

Disc 3: Water, Plane Crash, Crab Eyes

Fall 2003: Instant Live: The Odeon, Cleveland, OH: 12/4/03

Released 2/17/04

Disc 1: okayalright, Threw It All Away, Akimbo, She Sends Me, Not Coming Down, Carol of the Bells, Brent Black

Disc 2: Plane Crash, Yodelittle, Rebubula

Disc 3: Livin' Again, Timmy Tucker, Silent Night, Plane Crash

Fall 2003: Instant Live: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA: 12/30/03

Released 3/23/04

Disc 1: Seat of my Pants, Sensory Deprivation Bank, Lost Along the Way, Y.O.Y., Buster

Disc 2: New York City, Moth, meat. -> Stir it Up -> meat., Brent Black

Disc 3: Brittle End, Not Coming Down, St. Augustine, Interstellar Overdrive, Moth
March 8 2005: Warts and All: Volume 4
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Live show from: 7/18/98

Disc 1: (set 1) Tuning, Threw It All Away, St. Augustine, Waiting for the Punchline, Happy Hour Hero, Backwoods, Y.O.Y., Recreational Chemistry

Disc 2: The Harder They Come, (set 2) Tuning, Dr. Graffenburg, Havah Negilah, Time Ed, Water

Disc 3: Yodelittle, Rebubula, I Know You Rider, Banter, Bearsong

January 23 2007:The Conch
(Fatboy Records) is released.

Blue Jeans Pizza, Lost Along The Way, The Conch, Tailspin, Tubing The River Styx, The Pit, Another One Gone, Wind It Up, Y Eaux Massa, Down Boy, She, Where Does The Time Go, Summer o i, The Road, MacIntyre Range, The Col, Brittle End


January 23 2007:High and Congress
(Fatboy Records) is released.
Available only as a preorder with The Conch through moe.org

A live compilation from 6/10 & 6/11/05

The Road, The Pit, 32 Things, St. Augustine, Rebubula

side projects & compilations
  1994: The Wiggly Compilation (Color Water Productions) moe. contributes "Brent Black" from Headseed to this compilation that included: Planet Be, White Buffalo, Jambay, Band du Jour, Spacefish, The Other Half, Out Of The Blue, Blue Miracle, Mexican Mud Band, Omar, Other People, Supplication and Sons Of Papaya.
   1995: Wiggly 2: Bootlegged (Color Water Productions) Teamed up again, moe. contributes a live version of "Timmy Tucker" from March 17, 1995 to this compilation which also features: ARU, The Hatters, The Renegade Saints, Moon Boot Lover, Jambay, Ominous Seapods, Zero, Yolk, The Strangers, Jono Manson Band, Zoo People and Gov't Mule. 
   1997: Furthur More
A live version of "Moth" appears on this compilation from the 1997 Furthur Tour.
   Jun. 22, 1999: Help Us Get High Live version of "Buster" starts out this compilation and includes: the Hosemobile, Jiggle the Handle, The Slip, Ominous Seapods, Fat Mama, Boud Deun, Schleigho and The Disco Biscuits.  
  2001: High Times Presents: Rip This Joint moe. contributes "Plane Crash" to this High Times Compilation of live performances which also features: Keller Williams, Galactic, String Cheese Incident, Fishbone, Canned Heat, Mississippi All-Stars, Kingfish, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Strangefolk, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Les Claypool, The Funky Meters, Leftover Salmon, Humble Pie, Commander Cody, Rubber Man, The Disco Biscuits, Deep Banana Blackout, Tom Tom Club, Foghat, Gov't Mule, and Mountain. 
  Jan. 15, 2002: al.one (Fatboy Records), is released. Al solo electrinic album.

One, The Dojo, Mirage, Birdfly, Beatdown2, Rhythmethod, Down, Eno

Al Schnier: keyboards, guitars, amps, pedals, reason, cuebase, g3

  June 2002: Live From Bonnaroo, June 21, 22, 23, 2002

moe. contributed Captain America, from Dither

  June 2002: The Sweet Sounds, Vol. 2: Bonnaroo, June 21, 22, 23, 2002

moe. contributed Understand, from Dither

  2003: analog (Fatboy Records) is released.

Guitar, Old Friend, Me&Pat&Bill&You, I Will, Waiting for the Punchline, Red Hill Rd., Banks of the Ohio, Lost & Found, 20th Century Man (feat. David Lowery), Guitar (orig. 1995 demo)

Al Schnier: vocals, guitar, mandolin
Vinnie Amico: drums
Erik Glokner: bass, vocals
Kirk Juhas: keyboards, vocals
Gordon Stone: pedal steel, banjo
Miguel Urbiztondo: add'l percussion (tr 9)
David Lowery: vocals (tr 9)
Diane Schnier: vocals (tr 10)

2004: Before Cowboys (Fatboy Records) is released. Saturday, Take a Bus, Winooski, Snow Days, Buffalo, Does it have to be a Law, Fly on the Wall, Presidents, Soldier, Waterfall, Won't be Long, Things Gone By, Cloud 9

Diane Schnier: vocals, piano, drums, percussion
Al Schnier: guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin
Gordon Stone: banjo, pedal steel
  2004: Under the Influence - A Jam Band Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd (Sanctuary Records) is released. Call Me the Breeze - Les Claypool, Saturday Night Special - Galactic, Simple Man - Gov't Mule, Whiskey Rock a Roller -
North Mississippi Allstars, The Ballad of Curtis Loew - moe., John Hiatt, Free Bird - Blues Traveler, Every Mother's Son - Drive By Truckers, Sweet Home Alabama - Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Gimme Three Steps - Disco Biscuits, Four Walls of Raiford - Yonder Mountain String Band, Workin' for MCA - Particle
  2004: The Ballad of Curtis Loew
(Sanctuary Records) is released.
Promotional release for radio stations to support Under the Influence.
The Ballad of Curtis Loew - moe., John Hiatt
  2006:Before Cowboys - A History (Fatboy Records) is released.

Penny Shine, Old Soul, Whistle Blows Quitting Time, Birds, Are You There, Later On, Big Slow Step, Blue Sky, Love In Mind, Underdog, This Great Day, Along the Way, The Cows Still Don't Know Where Their Babies Go, In Winter, Long Way Home

Produced by Al
Band members Al Schnier, Vinnie Amico, Ken Juhas, Kirk Juhas and Shannon Lynch with special guest, Gordon Stone on three of the tracks.

other bands - albums by other bands that members of moe. have appeared on
1981: Vice Squad - No Cause for Concern (Zonophone) Al appears on background vocals.
1996: Yolk - Individually Twisted

Infinity, Into The Unknowns, Sofa Thought, Urticaria, Blotter, 1998, Next Step For The Monkey, King Sewercrab, Gimmeaminute, Cataract, Toothpick And The Guillotine, Oblivion, Everyday

Jimmyjohn McCabe: Vocals, Dave Fitzhugh: Guitar, Pete Carvelas: Guitar, Jim Loughlin: Drums, James Lomonaco: Bass, Jeff Pettit: Alto Sax, Andrew Bellavia: Tenor Sax

  2000: Big Jim- Big Jim Rob appears on the album, and Chuck illustrated a number of sleeves for the album that were sold at the Ha Ha the Moose run in 2000.
2002: Willie Waldman - Trumpet Ride (Rhombus Records) Jim appears on track 10 with his vibraphone.
  Oct. 3 2006: moe. - Live from the Fillmore, Denver, CO - April 2, 2005 (Fatboy Records)

Crab Eyes, Lost Along The Way, Moth, Wind It Up, Timmy Tucker, Tailspin, Big World, Brittle End , Rebubula

Bonus Features include additional music tracks plus commentary and interviews with the band.