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'Beeb started this low-volume announce list for distrubition of setlists, tour dates, and official news. Setlists now distributed by ~mindy., so if you're at a show, and haven't seen the setlist posted anywhere, email it to ~me.!

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Digimoe is a medium volume list for trading of digital moe. ;) CD, DAT, or shn format. Homepage of this list, started by Andrew Harrison, located here.

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moe-shn is a medium volume list for trading of moe. in shn format ONLY. Those who run servers are encouraged to join the list The list was started up by Jon.

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New GoogleGroups moe-L

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The moe-L Archives - Search and read old archives here. A good way to find out what is discussed often, and what isn't. It is a good idea to look through here before you start posting to the moe-L.

The moe-L is a on going experiment in the world of cyberspace.

The Official List Description reads: The moe. list was designed for the purpose of furthering moe.'s conquest of the country, continent, and, eventually, the entire cosmos. They come to Earth in the guise of a Rock n' Roll band.

Come make some friends you'll see at you next moe. show. The list is a great way to on top of moe. and keep in touch with fans. You may even learn some useless information and get flamed in the process.

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Started by the late Tom Redgate, this list is for all the sober moe.rons that go to shows. Not affiliated with any group or organization, they are a group of friends sharing a common bond and providing support and information to those who seek the comfort and camaraderie of other clean and sober people at shows. For more information on the list, please contact James B. or visit their site