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A letter from al.

From: al.
Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 3:22 AM
Subject: holiday in philadelphia

Hey folks,

Just thought I'd drop y'all a line & wish you a clean & neat holiday cheer
w/ a whole lot of what not. Hope everyone is having peaceful gatherings w/
friends & families, & may none of you have to endure any burdensome travel
like that of the great Aunt Virginia ( a new holiday record was set - 23.5
hrs, door to door from Brooklyn to Wilmington, NC - & she flew the not so
friendly skies). Hope you're all stuffed to the gills w/ nuts & berries, &
just biding your time until the ball drops.

We'll be headed for Baltimore & Philadelphia for our New Year's run & hope
you'll join us. The show @ Bohager's in Baltimore will be much more toned
down - a regular knock down drag out affair - the usual moe. plays small
club kinda thing (only 600 seats or so). NYE in Philly @ the Electric
Factory should prove to be another rite of passage for any card carrying
moe.ron. We'll be joined by our old friends (& in my personal opinion, one
of the finest young bands in the NE, Fathead. Also joining us for the
celebration will be Philly favorites, Huffamoose (Philly's other cheese
steak). These guys have been slamming the TLA for some time & we're glad to
have them aboard.

Rather than do our usual 2 sets + acoustic set NYE tradition, this year
we're going to mix it up a little. Expect to haer all of your acoustic
favorites, & a whole lot more. this one is for all the people who need to
scream. I'll leave it at that for now.

Following our NYE shows, I will be embarking on a short venture w/ some old
friends I've dubbed the Transamericans. The band is comprised of Ted
Marotta (Ominous Seapods) on drums & Vocals; Jim Loughlin (moe., Yolk) on
bass & vocals; Kirk (freebeer&chicken) on keys, banjo, harp & vocals; &
Rolf Witt (Danksters, Sonic Garden, Acoustic Forum) on mando, fiddle,
guitar. Al & the Transamericans are a roots rock country western band, not
unlike a country garage band. Think "The Basement Tapes" era Dylan & the
Band. We'll be doing a bunch of moe.tunes, al.tunes, & covers. The shows
will be as follows:

>1/6 Wed. Pontiac Grill, Philly
>1/7 Thu. Wetlands, NYC
>1/8 Fri. Middle East, BOston
>1/9 Sat. Joyous Lake, Woodstock
> *Dana & Todd from the Seapods will be opening last 3 nites

Also, on 1/16 Vinnie will be playing w/ his old cohorts, Acoustic Forum.
These guys are some of the finest pickers in the NE & Acoustic is one of the
most smoking bluegrass ensembles in the NE. I highly r4ecommend checking
them out if you dig bluegrass. They'll be playing in the lounge @ the
Wetlands the night of the Tom Marshall show.

Anyway, y'all have plenty of moe. coming your way, one way or another for
the next few weeks, so we hope to see y'all out there. After that, we'll be
knee deep in rehearsals working up some new material for the Spring tour
which begins 2/3 @ Lupo's in RI. Until then, have a good December.



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