moe. banned from Wetlands!

"They'll never play here again!!"
- Jake Szufnarowski (Wetlands talent buyer)

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That's right you heard it here first! And to settle the confusion·I'll tell you why! Many of you may remember a certain evening at the Wetlands that began this sorted mess. January 12, 2001·The Power Jam·

The sound was pumping and the height of the evening came around. Jim on flute, al. and Chuck with Max Delaney (Uncle Sammy)and Seth Feiinberg, on guitar, Vinnie and Aaron Comess on drums, Bill Stiles and April Fresh (steakhouse) on bass, Georgie Wood on the organ, Tom Mckee on a Rhodes, DJ Stitch, Jeff Pollack on bongos, and Rodney Speed (from Wetlands) on vocals. The music was intense; it was a moment that all moe. fans wait for·until·

Mr. Rodney Speed took the mic and lead the band into what should have been a killer rendition of "Smoke on the Water". But then, the worst scenario possible happened. Our guys, al. and Chuck, the principal warriors of the moe. guitar army were left defenseless and vulnerable. Could it be possible that these two virtuosos didn't know how to play one of the greatest rock anthems of all time? Yes, it's true.

When Jake, god of the Wetlands, saw Rodney teaching al. and Chuck how to play "Smoke on the Water" he declared: "They'll never play here again!" So, the question remains·how is it that moe. can play War Pigs, Sympathy For The Devil, and a killer meat. with a myriad of talented musicians and not know "Smoke on the Water"?

"Had moe. been able to pull that one out, their long-running history with the club as our favorite band would have been secured. But to watch Al being taught by The ROD? Unacceptable..." Szufnarowski said, shaking his head and walking away muttering something about having to install Moth traps in the restrooms.

The ban was brought to everybody's attention when a mysterious moe. representative was caught red handed hanging the, now, infamous promotional "Dither" poster. Jake informed the promotional bandit of the ban, confiscated just one poster and tossed the mysterious representative out on his ass.

The one confiscated poster still remains hanging in a high traffic area near the upstairs bar in the Wetlands. It's promotional characteristics have sadly evolved to a sharp satirical stab aimed for the hearts of two fantastic, yet painfully unaware, guitar heroes.

Stay tuned for more details!


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