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5.1 What is "Timmy"?
5.2 Who is Farmer Ben and where did he go? When did he return?
5.3 What do you mean the "old" She Sends Me?
5.4 Q&A about a few specific songs.
5.5 Who are Stanley and the Headbreakers?
5.6 "It was a stone groove my man."

5.1 What is "Timmy"?

Timmy is moe.'s first, and only (so far), rock opera. It debuted at the Wetlands Preserve on 2.18.95. In its entirety, Timmy consists of:

Timmy Tucker > Imelda May* > Timmy's Escape > Central Park Troll, Happy Boy, Queen Of The Rodeo > Magical Mystery Cab > Jazz Wank > Roll > Irish Jig > Strychnine Waltz > Timmy's Theme > Birthday Jam > Timmy Tucker reprise

* a theme from Imelda May was developed into Californ IA

Timmy was played partially 3.31.95 at The Docksider in Erie PA.

Timmy was played again at the Wetlands Preserve on 4.10.00, though the setlist was slightly varied:

Timmy Tucker > Imelda May > Timmy's Escape > Central Park Troll > Happy Boy > Queen Of The Rodeo, Magical Mystery Cab > Jazz Wank > Roll > Irish Jig > Strychnine Waltz > New York City > Timmy Tucker reprise * to top *

5.2 Who is Farmer Ben and where did he go? When did he return?

Farmer Ben is a song sung by drummer Jim Loughlin and it left the rotation when Jim left the band to join Yolk in 1995. Farmer Ben did make special appearances when touring schedules permitted.

Upon Jim's return in January 1999, the band immediately began teasing fans with the "Powerhouse" tease that usually ended Farmer Ben. It wasn't until 9.30.99, at Mississippi Night in St. Louis MO, that moe. treated us to his return during the encore. * to top *

5.3 What do you mean the "old" She Sends Me?

Beginning with its appearance in the moe. rotation (it debuted as an Al solo tune), She Sends Me had a long, drawn-out jam in the middle. It started a little slower with Rob's bass line and grew from there. In June 1996, after the band spent some time in the studio, working on their first major label release, the song re-emerged with the "surf-guitar" segment and no jam. The band had been unhappy with the direction the song was taking. This version has become the staple, but occasionally, other jams will take the place of the surf-guitar (ex: 12.31.96 - reggae-jam). * to top *

5.4 Q&A about a few specific songs.

The following is courtesy of a response by lister Mike Kelter to a few questions asked on the moe-l about some specific songs:

Po' Sadie
** Not played since 1994. It's a moe. original and it was only played in 93 and 94.

[This song did make a return on 12.30.98 at Bohagor's in Baltimore MD, but it never did enter the rotation.]

The Game Show Routine (9.9.94)
** I've never encountered anything similar live or on tape.

Internet Tune Jam
** "In the year 2,000..." This was written back in the summer of 95. They jammed it a couple times in the middle of songs, but never played it stand alone. It didn't last through that year. The only time they played it in its entirety was privately. This is *not* the song from LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN, though the band has played this song, too.

Change (listed with no name at That Setlist File)
** An Al song that was also short-lived. Played in late 95 only. It was played during September of 95 all the time. On the setlists that the band used to write, they'd abbreviate this song with a symbol (a delta or something), so that's why it's listed in the Setlist File without a name.

Maceo Parker Jam > Freeway Jam (4.21.96)
** I've commented on this one many times... The band took the stage for the second set and Maceo Parker was going on the house mix. They just picked it up from there and started jamming with it. When the house mix was removed, the band kept playing. They jammed for like half an hour touching on various themes including Moth, Freeway (by Beck) and others. They finally ended the jam by going into CIA!

I Wanna Be 10
** Debuted in the beginning of 96 in the same batch as Bring You Down, CIA, Guitar, Ugly American, etc. It's a silly song that I think Rob wrote.

Hall of Fame (12.31.96)
** This is a Dude of Life song and not a moe. tune. They never played it (to my knowledge) other than at New Years. * to top *

5.5 Who are Stanley and the Headbreakers?

This is in reference to the strange dialog on the recording of Sensory Deprivation Bank recording from Fatboy. It had been posted on the moe-l that this dialog comes from an educational video on psychology. The footage is of a mentally ill patient answering questions.

If anyone knows the specific video, please mail me. * to top *

5.6 "It was a stone groove my man."

This line from Don't Fuck from Flo is a reference from Trading Places. After Eddie Murphy's party the two guys he was in jail with tell him this as they are walking out the door.
thanks to Jon McLennand
* to top *

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