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This is another simple song, not that that takes anything away at all. I think I have read before that it was written right after they were released from their contract with Sony. ON any account its a song where you realize how wonderful and how much you love the place you belong. A lot of beautiful imagery of New York. Yeah its a song about New York, but its really a song about where you feel you belong. How wonderful that feeling is, it just so happens that that place is NYC for Rob. From what I gather EV nailed the lyrics on mL, so I won't go over any of that. The one thing is the pat your ass part is now your back, but I know it did used to be ass, and for obvious reasons was changed. Anyway back to the song. THe part about the record company is most likely how they feel they were done wrong by Sony. In a way its kinda out of place, but it gives you a feeling of why they are coming back.

This song really captures a feeling better than almost any other song they have written to date. The music is perfect for it. Some say its too happy go lucky and "poppy". Well anything else wouldn't have suited the feeling Rob was trying to convey. It's just about perfect, although I would have liked to have seen Chuck's solo on the studio version.

Jacob (If I were to write NYC it would be about either Virginia or Venice, Italy) Rabon

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