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OK at this point I know some of you are gonna be like "oh no he's not gonna try to explain the meaning of what seeing a ghost has to do with rob's inner chi is he?" NO, I'm not, as far as I can tell this is just a song about the haunting of the house that Ralph lived in as is already mentioned on the mL page. Well there may be a bit more than that. The puzzling parts of the song are how the chorus relates to anything, as it is somewhat doubtful that Rob would just make up some arbitrary chorus that had nothing to do with anything in the verses.

First let me get to some ovbious lyrical corrections.

You wait there every evening
Till the morning light
I saw you on the ceiling
I couldn't even fight

haunted by the ghost of you
Each lonely night
I try to scream out loud
But the walls they close in tight

first, one kinda guess is that whoever the song was written about, whether it actually was Rob or somebody was Rob writing it about, probably feels like they are going nowhere. and this going nowhere is causing them to go insane, which the going insane may have been what they believed to be causing the appearance of the ghost. That's all I have, anybody with better insight is more than welcome to add their thoughts, as far as I can tell this is a simple song about seeing a ghost.

Jacob (after sunday comes work) Rabon

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