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To me this just seems to be a song about the twisted morals and values that occur as a result of a basic need of life, like water, not being essentially free. It has a really post apocolyptic type feel to it. the parts of the lyrics that I think need correcting are

thousand people owe, got a law that's all its own thousand people owe, looks like they got hell on loan

and this was obviously changed, but as it is on dither its

"chucky's gonna piss on the grave of the man that stole his...",

instead of

"there's a fountain bloom on the grave of the man who stole your...."

The chorus can be a bit confusing, but I think its a person who had their water stolen talking to whoever stole their water and then disposing of them.

Again this is a really well suited piece of music to the feeling of the lyrics. Creates a vivid atmosphere. I don't think there are any big statements or deeper meanings here. Other than possibly that our morals are a reflection of our situation in life. Just like a musical painting, it captures a moment that hasn't even happened yet, but with startling clarity.

Jacob (oh fuck this part) Rabon

Ok so after I thought about it for a little bit longer the question about morals when a basic need is being declined seemed to be a bigger deal in this song than I originally supposed. I think the central verses of the song are

would you kill for a glass when the sand fills up your throat (water, water) would you twist a knife in the back of them man who stole your.. (water, water)

its basically kinda saying look at all you morally haughty people, if you didn't have any water, you wouldn't have any morals. The only reason morals have came about is because they benefit a civilization where survival is not a big deal. If we were worrying about surviving then you wouldn't hesitate to kill somebody for water, or if somebody stole your water you wouldn't hesitate to kill them. The fact that it asks it in a question form doesn't really mean that they feel as if its a question, but its more because its intended for you to ask yourself and then to come to your on conclusions. But the message of what the author thinks is pretty clear.

Jacob (Mr. Bean is an icon) Rabon

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