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ok, first off sorry for anybody this offends, gets upset, etc. THis will be the last day, as I should finish the album up today. I won't be doing in a big country. This is mainly about moe. as songwritiers, but there will be mention of it, my theories on why it was done, etc on the album summary (you did know there was gonna be one right?)

Ok first off I think Al ays something like "kicking it back with Chuck" in the intro.

First off some things that are different on the dither lyrics, first off he always says

I don't wanna wait this out anymore, keep/kept? standing standing stop

on mL.com it has after the first verse that it changes to

I don't wanna wait outside anymore.

Not sure if this is how it was predither, could never really make it out well enough to tell.

Also the midpart of the chorus, "why didn't somebody tell me", has been omitted.

All that I can get from this is that its Al's ode to impatience, it was written during a tire change in the midwest on a strip mall lawn. Various themes are in it all regarding impatience, from the teapot that is screaming to be moved, the clock ticking, to the wait before a concert, or possibly during set break (crowd is buzzing like bees). I'm not even gonna pretend I have any clue what the first verse is all about. The two that go inside could either be people going into a show, or people going into a strip mall, I dunno. An odd song, even for moe..

Jacob ('Sweet Tea' rules) Rabon

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